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How to Make the Best Real Estate Marketing Videos

best real estate marketing videos

Video marketing helps to sell homes, showcase your area, attract new clients and market your services. Visual marketing is currency online. Although a lot of work goes into making a video, it is worth it. 73% of homeowners are more likely to list with an agent who uses video, but only 9% of agents actually do it. As an agent, you will want to make the best real estate marketing videos.  

In 2019, video was the #1 form of media used in content strategy.

Keep these stats in mind if you do choose to use video marketing in your real estate business:

3 Great Tips for Making Great Videos

  1. Chase Connections, Not Perfections

You don’t have to make an Oscar-worth video – your goal isn’t to be the next Stephen Spielberg but to connect. By focusing on your content instead of being too flashy, you will connect with your audience and reach more potential clients.

  1. Be Prepared

Think of the videos as you would your blog posts. Build a content calendar that lays out what you plan on sharing and when. You may think that you will be able to “wing it” once the camera is on, but it is best to have a loose script. That way you save time when you press record. 

  1. Create the Content That Clients Want

It is up to you to create a variety of content to appeal to all different types of potential clients. Content can fit a variety of categories:

You could also consider using a platform like Parkbench to display all your great videos. Parkbench is a lead and referral-generating platform that partners with you (1 agent per area). It also teaches you how to connect with local business owners and influencers while creating highly engaging video content unique to you. They’ll then teach you how to turn these community connections into clients and referrals.

Bonus Tip to Make the Best Real Estate Marketing Videos

Utilize Unique Assets: We all have unique aspects of our lives. By using those aspects
as material, potential clients will trust you. For example, maybe your dog has some super awesome tricks – it’s time for a mascot! 

By making the best real estate marketing videos potential clients will feel a connection even before your first meeting. Video interviews with local business owners are a great way to make connections. Find out more about the business owners and influencers you should meet in your community:  




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