Instagram is an emerging platform for real estate professionals and given its overall popularity, this is a bit of a head scratcher. With the majority of real estate searches beginning online, social media is a great way to showcase listings. Yet many real estate professionals are stuck on Facebook.

This isn’t to say that Facebook is not a great platform. You can interact with potential clients, you can post listings, you can share relevant news and you can share your success stories. You can literally do it all on Facebook!

The issue is that the average age of Facebook users is steadily rising at the same time that the buying power of Millennials and Generation X/Y is rising.

Instagram, however, has a lower average user age and has seen a large part of its success come from the fact that advertising on the platform is much less invasive.

Simply put, if you’re ignoring Instagram, you’re ignoring some potentially lucrative business.

But there’s good news! Not only is Instagram easy to learn and use, but it’s full of inspiration for everything from decorating, staging and listing photography to hash tagging and open house ideas. Here are a few must-follow accounts on Instagram that every real estate professional should check out!

Before diving into the ‘dos’ of Instagram for real estate professionals, let’s take a second to talk about a questionable practice that is becoming more and more popular on Instagram.

What Not to Do on Your Real Estate Instagram Page

An Instagram account full of scantily clad selfies (male or female) with absolutely nothing to do with real estate will probably get you followers. They just won’t be the type of followers you want to attract as a real estate professional.

First and foremost, focus on presenting yourself as a competent professional. Throw in a few candid smiling shots to warm things up but only choose pictures you would post on social media to share with family and friends.

If you wouldn’t, keep them off your professional accounts.

Boasting/Showing Off

Far too many accounts on Instagram are dedicated to boasting about money, possessions, lifestyles or achievements – reaching the point where this has been officially diagnosed as a mental disorder. So by all means, celebrate your successes, just spare your audience the bragging.

Your suits won’t sell houses. An expensive car won’t sell houses. Flashy jewelry won’t sell houses. In some instances, bragging about these things can actually cost you business if the clients think ‘who does this person think they are?’ when viewing your social media profiles.

The Bottom Line

Competitive advantages are found in a number of ways but the best ones are earned.

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The 10 Best Instagram Real Estate Accounts to Follow


There’s no professional development here, just memes that give real estate professionals a good laugh. It can be a gravely serious business at times, so why not embrace the lighter side of the biz?

Real Estate Instagram


With over 140,000 followers, this is one of Instagram’s most popular real estate pages. It celebrates beautiful photography while slotting in professional development posts and audience engagement – there’s lots of inspiration to be found here!

Real Estate Instagram


Sharp photography, a rotating feature with some great listings searchable by address and traffic being funnelled to their website is all complementary to their business.

Real Estate Instagram


An awesome account dedicated to low-cost/high-drama renovations and a great page to recommend if you’re trying to sell a ‘fixer upper’. Some of the transformations are simply unbelievable and a great visual reference if you’re trying to help a client see the potential in the property!

Real Estate Instagram


A Beverly Hills-based realtor with content – to be perfectly blunt – a bit cheesy at times (not many potential clients are interested in watching their agent lift weights). But one of the things he does phenomenally well is brand-building. Notice how he gets all of his contact information into each post as well as his hashtags? That’s something not done properly on many real estate professionals pages.

Real Estate Instagram


Started by the multi-talented Kate Rumson, this page accurately reflects her various talents that include interior design, real estate investment, development and construction, along with social media. She has over 1 million followers who can’t get enough of her visuals. If you can’t find inspiration here, you won’t find it anywhere.

Real Estate Instagram


Another great renovation account, this is a MUST for anyone dealing with fixer-up properties. The transformations show that even some of the most run-down properties can have a new lease on life.

Real Estate Instagram


LA-based realtor Lance Tuazon has one of the best all-around accounts for you to base your approach on. He squeezes in as many pictures as possible per post. He squeezes in as much info as possible per post and STILL manages to play a smart hashtag game by going broad and applicable. This is opposite to the ‘spray and pray’ approach to hashtagging. With minimal self-celebration, Lance is all about business and it shows.

Real Estate Instagram


She might be a small fish in this pond with a modest following, but Brenda has absolutely NAILED her personal branding. She finds a tasteful way to incorporate herself into her visuals without becoming the focal point. Her engagement (which is more important than followers) is equal to other real estate accounts with 10x as many followers. She knows her target audience (younger buyers and families) and goes to great lengths to reach out. Including solely Spanish-language posts.

Real Estate Instagram


Finishing this list the same way it started – with a chuckle. Memes to tickle your funny bone and a great hub for real estate pros to share laughs and common experiences. Humour gets you far on Instagram!

Interested in some of the basics about Instagram? Why not read up on how to get started on Instagram?

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