When it comes to real estate marketing trends in 2022 it can be very hard to figure them out. There are a lot of things to do so that you can improve your ability to either close on a home for a prospective buyer or to help a seller get the highest bid for the home that they have on the market. 

Yes, one important thing to do is to pay close attention to how the real estate market in whatever area you are in, whether it is Santa Monica or other parts of Los Angeles. There are times when homes will typically sell more and there are others where the market is a slow one and the time in between closings can feel far apart. 

You can do some things though, to boost your marketing. While there are still the tried-and-true mail flyers, the technology will boost your visibility… and will make promoting homes easy. 

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You Must Use Social Media

Is there a room that gets a lot of natural light and can be used for a variety of reasons? Take a lot of well-lit pictures that show off all aspects of the home you are showing and post them on Instagram.

You can also use these platforms to also display your personality. This is made even better if you can incorporate humor into your post. Remember, people don’t just want information, they want to be entertained and sometimes even inspired.

Consistency, creativity, and looking at what existing real estate marketing trends you can draw inspiration from will led to you building a following over time. Your aim is to build a memorable online presence with engaged followers. Followers, who in turn, will be inclined to promote you on their own social media. This can lead to even more business for you.

Bring Your Agents Into The Picture

Remember, it doesn’t have to be just you. If you have charismatic people working for you, bring them into the picture. You could have videos in the “About Us” section of your website. The videos can really be an excellent way to incorporate those personalities that will make people want to come to use you and your team for their real estate needs. 

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Virtual Tours Rock

Yes, the events of the past couple of years have made some aspects of showing homes harder. Even if things do seem to be approaching a sense of normalcy, there are some technological advances to incorporate into your repertoire. One of those can take only a minimal amount of extra work on your part: virtual tours. 

Virtual Tours can be as simple as taking out your phone, capturing wide-frame images of all the features of the home and, of course, video footage throughout the home explaining the benefits of the property to any prospective buyer.

The long form content that you create will go on YouTube. Whereas the short form video snippets and images are perfect for platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

Your job is to make the research easier for a buyer, while also showing off the property for the seller. There is no better way to do this than a virtual tour.

Drones Can Show a Lot

Here is another excellent way to use technology to your benefit. Use a drone to give prospective buyers both an idea of how a home looks from above and how the neighborhood also appears. It’s simple to do (and it can be a lot of fun to pilot a drone around!).

But if you’re not after the DIY option, there are service providers in almost every community who you can hire to do this for you. Our recommendation is to interview a couple in your area (creating content for your business) and through this, you’ll start a few new relationships with them and perhaps even get a discounted rate or pro-bono work in return!

Content Marketing: One Of The Real Estate Marketing Trends To Focus On

While social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok get a lot of the focus in articles like this, don’t forget about platforms that will hold your information long term. Blogging on your website or posting videos to YouTube ensures that your content is evergreen – always able to be found.

The thing with blogging is that you can post entries that are aimed at helping people. You could tell them the best places to go in Santa Monica, for example. You could also talk about what to look for when trying to get a real estate agent. 

Your brand needs to consist of more than just showing homes. You might be thinking, “but I’m a real estate agent, that is what I do?”. The reality is that people do business with those that they know, like, and trust. Promoting homes on your social media is simply one way to contribute to someone feeling this way. You need to look at all their needs when it comes to buying, selling or investing. When someone buys a property, they’re not just buying the property. They’re buying the neighborhood, the culture of the area, the different things that they will do during the week and weekend.

So make sure that your marketing consists of content focused on the area, whether it be the top 5 restaurants in the area, best weekend activities for kids, or even 5 FAQs about the neighborhood.

Email is Not Dead

No, email has not gone the way of the cold telephone marketing call. It still has a purpose. You just have to wield it correctly.

While you could tell if a cold telephone call worked based on whether or not the other party hung up on you or continued talking, it’s not quite as easy with an email. There are metrics that can track whether an email was opened or not, you still can’t tell if the person on the other side actually read the whole thing. 

Still, it can be a great addition to your toolbelt if you are able to straddle the line between getting your point across and being interesting. Don’t write boilerplate text – think about the neighborhoods that you specialize in and write emails that resonate with people who are buying or selling in that area. If you do that, you could greatly improve your response rate. 

These are just some of the strategies that you can use to have great success in real estate in 2022 and the subsequent years after that. What you need to do is pay attention to what people are using and learn how to do that. Staying stagnant is a sure way to not achieve the level of success that you want. 

Ultimately, being successful in real estate means knowing both how to market a home as well as how to market yourself too. Use these real estate marketing trends to see success this year.

Disclaimer: This is a guest post submission, written by Ray Lyon. Ray became a Realtor with an aspiration of being a sales leader in the market. With him, he took all of his experience in sales, negotiating, marketing, design, and educational background to excel in his new career.