Hometown: Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Matt Mundell, Local Real Estate Agent & Expert in Kinston, Ontario, recently wrote an international best selling book, Referral Secrets, to teach agents how to grow their business through relationships and referrals in their community.

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Best quote from his story: “We are not trading time for money, we are trading the value of, support, knowledge, and confidence, which comes from making informed decisions about real estate.”

Matt’s business philosophy: “A compliment sets the tone and tends to bring down social guards that we have either consciously or subconsciously put up so, it is huge, to “Compliment off the bat!” This can be as simple as “I love your hairstyle” or “You have a really unique accent.” An important thing to note is that for that compliment to ‘land’ properly don’t dwell on it. Just say it, let the person respond, and then move on. It needs to be genuine and authentic. It needs to be considered an act of kindness.”


“Matt Mundell is an outstanding REALTOR who possesses excellent communication skills that truly sets him apart from his peers. Matt was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and responsive as our listing agent. He is so organized and quick to answer every question in the home buying and selling process. His professionalism, expertise, and excellent interpersonal skills work synergistically to make him a wonderful representative for anyone looking to buy or sell a home. The thing we appreciated most about Matt was his patience and ability to provide sound advice. I will recommend him to any of my friends and family members. If you’re looking for someone to truly look out for your best interest as well as help you navigate through the Kingston housing market Matt is the agent for you.”~Kim P. & Stephen B.

“Matt made us feel like family. From giving us experienced advice on what to keep an eye out for, to having fun and helping us relax, and feel rest assured so we could enjoy this special life milestone. This is why we always suggest Matt Mundell because he is the guy you want on your side.  Thank you Matt for sharing your knowledge and passion with us, and helping us plant our roots! ” ~Dave and Tania

More About Matt

Together with his wife Gillianne, Matt is raising 3 beautiful daughters in a home filled with love, a mindset of inclusion, and an attitude of reciprocity, accompanied by a steady reminder that we all can grow from applying the golden rule to our lives daily. The golden rule is “treat others how you would like to be treated”.   

The Mundell family is a generational family who has lived in the Kingston area for years. Matt and his sister Jessica’s parents, Mike and Linda Mundell, all started a small retail business in Kingston where their family worked together. Matt and Jessica learned the value of caring for people, hard work, and giving back to the community by supporting people and others in business on the path of life we all share.  

These lessons have helped to guide Matt into becoming a successful Real Estate agent in Kingston and surrounding areas, which he is humbled and grateful to have grown with the support of many families, friends, and clients. ‘With the knowledge of working together, a community is stronger, and with the support of one another, people can truly accomplish anything. This is a guiding principle in Matt’s life, both professionally and personally. These values have proven invaluable to him in his life.  

Should you find yourself in Kingston please do reach out. Matt has a wealth of local knowledge about Kingston and the surrounding areas and would be happy to speak with you, welcome you to Kingston, and help in any way he can.

How to Contact Matt

Website: www.Kingstonsold.com

Email: mmundell1@gmail.com

Direct: 613-540-1037