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Why Local Leader System Works For Real Estate Professionals


Your Exclusive Neighborhood

We work with one Real Estate Professional per neighborhood which means that once you are on board no other realtor can claim that area.


Meet People Build Trust

You will get more people in your community to know you, like you and trust you.  Real Estate is a people-based business and our system helps you build trust quickly and effectively.

increase market area

You Will Grow Your Market Share

You will dominate your local real estate market as the go to Real Estate Professional in your neighborhood. 

get clients

Get More Clients

Using our proven system you will land more clients and grow your real estate business or we give our money back if you don’t make a positive ROI.

We Help You Grow Your Sphere Of Influence

Take a look at the illustration below that clearly explains how your sphere of influence will grow when you join Parkbench as a featured Real Estate Professional in your area.

sphere of influence

What Our Clients Are Saying

“30 years as a Realtor and I can honestly say that Parkbench is hands-down the best sales and marketing tool I’ve ever invested in.”

Michael Elmenhoff

Real Estate Professional, iPro Reallty

“I did an interview with a guy that is selling a few of our cars on consignment and he was stoked about the site. Best part, he did give me a referral for another business AND he is looking to purchase up to $800k!!!! Whoot whoot!! :)”  

Amy Anderson

Real Estate Professional, La Habra, California

Relationships are more powerful than marketing

What would your business look like this year if you built 50 – 100 new relationships last year? Let us help you build them this year, just like we are for the realtors you see below. 

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