A new neighborhood website for residents of Arvada CO has been launched by local real estate agent Katie Roberts.

In this special feature BALLER article, we profile RE/MAX agent Katie Roberts, who has quickly become the ‘digital mayor’ of her geographic farm in only a few months of prospecting.

Meet Arvada’s Real Estate Expert, Katie Roberts

RE/MAX Alliance agent Katie Roberts has always been a tenacious negotiator. Recognized by friends and associates as a determined, hard-working individual, she transitioned to real estate from the pharmaceutical and therapeutics industry officially in 2011.

A devoted and long-time Arvada resident, Katie participates in volunteer work as a special advocate through the CASA for Jefferson and Gilpin counties. She also serves as a soccer coach for the Colorado Real Edge Soccer Club since 2011.

Balancing Community and Career

Prior to becoming a real estate agent, Katie Roberts enjoyed success in the pharmaceutical industry as a V.P. of sales and training. Managing a team of regional sales managers, she enjoyed helping physicians across the US discover great products but found the constant traveling physically demanding.

Despite her accomplishments in the pharmaceutical industry, Katie was struggling to balance her community roles at home and career ambitions. Real estate appealed to her as a source of income, as well as a means of community involvement.

Says Katie of her devotion to volunteer work:

“A lot of the work I do with CASA is heartbreaking sometimes, but it’s a passion I have. I’ve been coaching coed soccer for eleven seasons now…they’re both really important to me. I’ve met so many wonderful people in Arvada because of my volunteer work. Real estate offered me another great way to serve others and add value to the community I love being a part of.”

After obtaining her license and joining the Re/Max family in 2016, Katie decided to focus her prospecting closer to home. Working in Arvada’s competitive real estate market, however, Katie struggled to find listings and establish her brand locally.

While her sphere of influence in Arvada was considerable, Katie lacked the branding and experience of more established agents in her geographic farm. 

The Search For Listings

Like many agents struggling to secure listings, Katie decided to explore several online lead generation and marketing platforms for real estate. 

Lead generation on these platforms, however, became costly and yielded poor results. Converting seller leads generated by CPC or CPM traffic was difficult, and took much longer than she expected. Competition for leads and visibility in her farm frequently drove the cost-per-click higher.

lead generation timeline and metrics

New agents often underestimate the time and cost of CPC lead generation (Source: Overdri>e Interactive)

Says Katie of her online lead generation efforts:

“I’ve been an agent for over six years. We have an (influx) of competing new agents. I was looking for a different kind of platform.  One that could set me apart from both new and existing agent competition.  I wanted something that would actually build long-term relationships and generate income in both good and bad markets…and I think agents in general often underestimate the time and cost of CPC.”
Having experienced little success with CPC lead generation and online listing portals, Katie realized she needed a marketing platform that could provide 3 important things:
  • An innovative way to meet prospects and cultivate leads
  • A way of standing out from competitors in the local market
  • Better ROI for her marketing and lead generation

Discovering Parkbench

During her search for a new marketing platform, Katie discovered Parkbench through a Facebook article. She contacted them by email and booked a demonstration that convinced her Parkbench was worth trying.

The Parkbench philosophy resonated with Katie because of its focus on community engagement rather than CPC lead generation. Unlike the residential listing portals she had tried previously, agents on Parkbench are not charged for impressions or click-throughs.

Instead, Parkbench’s unique prospecting system, conceived by CEO’s Grant Findlay Shirras and Amanda Newman, empowers agents to generate word of mouth referral business from local business owners by providing them with free exposure.

Coaching Katie Roberts

Parkbench agents are taught how to leverage their neighborhood website as a tool to help local businesses market their services online to a targeted, hyperlocal audience. Each neighborhood website provides exclusivity for a single agent in their geographic farm of choice, assigning a single agent per neighborhood or zip code.

Katie secured her Parkbench neighborhood website for Arvada, in August 2016. She was assigned to a success coach, Ray Recek, who facilitated her coaching and onboarding experience.

Working with Ray over an 8-month period, Katie began to understand Parkbench’s unique prospecting strategy, as well as the benefits of a neighborhood website that provides exclusivity to each agent.  

Interviewing Local Vendors

Between March 20th and March 31st of 2017, Katie met with and interviewed 5 local business owners in Arvada.

Her first local interview with brewery owner Tori Miller was posted to YouTube and her Parkbench neighborhoood website in March, 2017. Tori’s brewery, SomePlace Else Brewery, was a new business venture only 5-6 months old at the time of Katie’s interview.

The video, under 2min in length, was shared on Facebook and Instagram by Tori, quickly drawing over 1000 Facebook views from local Arvada residents. Business owners who saw the interview contacted Katie requesting an interview.

Katie’s video interview generated free exposure for Tori’s business, furthering her arcade brewery’s reputation as a popular destination for craft beer lovers and pinball in Colorado.

Along with her short video interviews of Arvada business owners, Katie also publishes blog articles on her neighborhood website. She then shares them on social media to generate further online exposure for local businesses in her community.

Through her Parkbench interviews, Katie was also introduced to new people and organizations:

“Parkbench allowed me to meet local people, gain exclusive exposure. I interviewed a home inspector as well who has a blog and he gave me a referral. The relocation deal I’m working on, I got it specifically because I told him that I have a network of over 600 realtors across North America who are neighborhood experts!”


The struggle to generate leads, find listings, and establish your brand locally can feel overwhelming, even for experienced agents. Balancing career ambitions and personal commitments can be especially challenging, but also rewarding in many ways.

Katie Roberts serves as a great example of how real estate and community can complement each other. Unwilling to compromise her volunteer roles or career ambitions, Katie discovered Parkbench, a unique marketing platform that empowers agents to support their community.

By engaging with local business owners and promoting their services on her website, Katie has expanded her sphere of influence among residents in her geographic farm.

She’s also earned referral business that has helped brand her as a neighborhood expert:

“Through meeting a variety of neighbors, business owners, couples, individuals, and people that work with nonprofits, I was able to network and meet both buyer and seller needs.  Referrals came and I did not have to necessarily ask…now I am able to network between businesses and connect others to each other!”

Inspiring work, and congratulations on being Arvada’s digital mayor, Katie!

About Katie Roberts

Katie Roberts is currently a designated realtor® with RE/MAX Alliance in Arvada, Colorado. In addition to holding a BS in Applied Management, she is also a certified negotiation and staging expert. Katie is the official Parkbench neighborhood sponsor for Arvada, with expertise in the following:

  • New builds
  • Investment portfolios
  • Vacation homes
  • Relocations
  • First-time buyers

She writes positive articles and features the stories behind influential people and business owners in Arvada, CO.

Katie can be reached at:

Tel: 720-412-2238

Email: coloradolifestylerealestate@gmail.com


Are you a community-minded real estate agent? Claim your Parkbench neighborhood website and become digital mayor of your geographic farm!