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How to Use a Neighborhood Guide to Get More Real Estate Referrals

Neighborhood Guide

A neighborhood guide is valuable to prospects and is a powerful tool to help convert them to clients. Offering guides to your website audience, are a chance to help you sell inventory in those neighborhoods, and promote your community and the local businesses within it. 

Neighborhood guides can be a great piece of shareable content online, that your clients can also share with their friends and family who are also looking to buy in the area. The more local businesses you include in your guide, the more likely you’ll be to get a real estate referral from those business owners.

Don’t Forget to Include These Components in Your Neighborhood Guide 

Share your neighborhood guides on your various social media platforms and on your website. Clients and local businesses will be happy to be working with such a well-connected and caring human. If you are looking for different ways to become a community leader, check out this offer from Parkbench.




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