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How to Be a Successful and Happy Real Estate Agent

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While many people dream of success in real estate, it can be challenging to do so. Real estate agents face an uphill battle: an influx of other agents entering the industry, unpredictable economies, and lots of home owners choosing to sell their own home. However, there are ways to be successful and happy as a real estate agent. 

How to Succeed as a New Real Estate Agent

You may be thinking about how to succeed as a new real estate agent. New agents fail because of many factors, but having a treasure trove of available tools will help new agents succeed.

Use These Suggestions to Succeed as a Real Estate Agent

  1. Budget Appropriately: The expenses that come with being a real estate agent can quickly pile up, especially since it can take awhile to sell your first house. Building a budget is an effective way to plan ahead.
  2. Focus on the Important Tasks: Make a list of the really important tasks that need to get done daily and spend your energy on those instead of all the busy work that can take over. 
  3. Find the Right Tools for the Job: Finding the right tools that can make your job easier is key.

Still Overwhelmed? Here is a Tip That All Real Estate Agents Can Use

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Get 3 Exciting Tips for New Real Estate Agents

The majority of new real estate agents fail. By building a strong business before you get your first client, and using tips for new real estate agents, you will ensure that your name is out there for the long haul. 

New Real Estate Agents Fail For Many Reasons

Almost 90% of new real estate agents fail for the following reasons:

New Real Estate Agents Can Use the Following 3 Tips for Success

  1. Put Your Community First: Transitioning from focusing on selling, towards embracing the community puts you in front of the buyers and sellers in your area.. 
  2. Understand the Merchandise: It is difficult to sell what you don’t know. Take the time to truly know the properties in your area. 
  3. Join Forces: Don’t go the lonely journey alone. Become part of a team that understands exactly what it takes to start out as a new real estate agent. 

3 Reasons New Real Estate Agents Fail

New real estate agents are at a high risk of failure within the first 5 years. Solutions include a unique community-minded approach. Here are 3 reasons why new real estate agents fail: 

  1. They Start Working Immediately: Once new agents have done all the work to get into the industry, they just want to start as soon as they can. Proper planning and forethought doesn’t necessarily happen, which can lead new agents floundering a few months in. 
  2. The Expenses are Overwhelming: The start-up costs can be very steep for new agents who are not necessarily making any money. Some of the expenses that new real estate agents need to pay for immediately after getting their license include:
    • Education and licensing fees: $600
    • Real estate broker fees: $25-$500/month
    • Real estate membership fees: $200/year
  3. They Struggle to Connect: It is easy to talk about something you know a lot about, but new real estate agents may struggle to sound like industry experts. It can be challenging to always be searching for creative ways to connect. 

Become a Successful Real Estate Agent Like Local LeaderⓇ Ashley Colgate 

You can become a successful real estate agent like Ashley Colgate. Ashley has been able to build up her real estate business through the referrals she gets through her hyper-local platform. She used the platform  to start forming deep connections with local business owners and offer residents in her small community the opportunity to get to know other people in their community. 

Ashley Colgate Had Problems Just Like Every Other Real Estate Agent

Some of Ashley’s problems maybe similar to the ones you have had:

Ashley’s Hyper-local Platform was Parkbench and it Gave Her:

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