There are eight must-dos when promoting your content Real Estate Photography on Instagram. Fortunately, they’re easy to do! Instagram can be a catalyst to jumpstart your real estate business or gain fresh insight into what homebuyers want from a property. So, if you’re wanting to capture the attention of homeowners in your community – listen up!

First off, it’s not enough to post. Times have changed. Homeowners and buyers are looking for quality over quantity. Your image must grab attention. On top of that, quality posts feature thoughtful captions. Getting personal is an exceptional way to do just that. Your goal is to build a personal brand with unique attributes after all. 

Here are 8 quick and easy ways you can promote your real estate photography on Instagram.

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1. Use A Real Camera To Improve Your Real Estate Photography

The better your camera, the better your real estate photography will be. Always upgrade your gear when you can.

“While the latest smartphone may have a good-quality camera lens built into it, let’s not forget the use of traditional DSLR cameras,” says Thomas Fredrick, a lifestyle writer at Paper Fellows and OX Essays. “A DSLR not only gives you more focal length choices to tinker with, but it also helps you manipulate depth of field to create a flawless, great-quality series of photos that are social-media-worthy.”

Good quality photos will bring more viewers to your pages. This increases opportunities for people to engage with and comment on your content. 

2. Know Your Niche

If you’re in the real estate business then you’re dealing with buyers and sellers on a regular basis. Your goal is to create and post content appealing to this niche audience. Every photo you post should be related to real estate, but your content can appeal to other audiences as a by-product.

For example, if you’re posting a picture of a newly staged kitchen in a just-listed property, you want to appeal to potential buyers first. That is the goal of real estate photography. However, this post can also appeal to those with an eye for interior design or interior design Instagram accounts. Some may ask to share your post with their following, and if they do, ensure they let their followers know the property is for sale. You want to give your niche of followers variety, but you always want to stay real-estate-centric.  

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3. Create A Great Profile

A professional Instagram profile shows how great your brand is. Remember to do the following, when setting up a professional profile:

  • Context: Pick an account name that’s recognizable and easy to memorize. 
  • Symmetry: Use the same account name across all your social media platforms.
  • Clarity: Set a profile photo of either you or an image describing you and your brand. 
  • Descriptive: Include a bio of what your specialty is, and where you’re located. 
  • Communication: Add contact information so people can reach you. 

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Edit Your Real Estate Photography

Editing your photos can really improve the look and reception of your real estate photography

While Instagram has its own filters and settings to improve the quality of your photos, they’re not enough. To get great results from your real estate photography use a good image-editing program that lets you manipulate light, shadows, and clarity until the final product is flawless. However, if you don’t have the time to edit photos on your own, there are services available to tackle editing for you, such as BoxBrownie. Don’t worry we’ve done the leg work for you – check out this article on the top 5 Photo Editing Softwares available for agents, right now. 

5. Tell A Story

Your photography tells the story of a property. Combine strong images with intentional captions. Your Instagram posts must establish both the personal connection between you and your clients, as well as the relationship between you and your area of expertise.

Home buyers and sellers are looking for 3 things when finding a realtor.

  • Do they trust this person?
  • Do they trust this brand?
  • Do they trust their service?

Sharing stories (literally and figuratively) makes you more vulnerable.  And through vulnerability, you become real. People do business with those that they know, like, and trust. Storytelling is a fundamental part of establishing this with a prospective buyer or seller. 

6. Use The Right Hashtags

Proper hashtags will give your real estate photography the exposure it deserves

Hashtags can carry the message for an entire marketing campaign and allow people to engage in conversations about niche topics. Hashtags power Instagram. They maximize the reach of your posts. If you can’t seem to generate enough engagement on your posts, there are likely two culprits. Either the content is not as effective as you think. Or, you’re ineffectively using Hashtags on your posts. 

To Effectively hashtag, you must interweave them into your Instagram posts. Your hashtags should contain important nouns and verbs (i.e. words that people will search for). So, in the case of real estate, don’t just use #realestate, also use other hashtags like:


Still not sure where to begin? Look at the other agents in your brokerage (or your competition!) and see what they’re getting results from. What can you emulate? What have you seen is a big no-no? Success (and failures) leave clues.

One last tip – be sure not to use the same hashtags in every post. This is taboo on Instagram. As the platform is algorithm based, it’s looking to prevent users from finding loopholes e.g. “the best hashtags”. You’ve got 30 hashtags to use, make sure they’re specific to each individual post.

Do you find you’re experiencing more mistakes than successes with hashtags? Check out our full guide on how to use them effectively, here.

7. Tag Effectively

When you’re tagging your posts, you’re connecting the image with a person, product, or place. When you’re working with a buyer or seller, tag them in posts that are applicable to them. Just sold a home? Tag the new owners! This will engage them, and their following – potentially opening the door to more referrals coming your way.

On top of that, the industry standard is to tag the area that you’re based in (or where the image was taken). As your role is very geo-specific, consistently tag the area that you’re in, in each and every post! Instagram wants to know where these images are coming from, and that they’re not generic royalty-free images obtained through a 3rd party website. Remember, this platform is all about unique, organic content.

8. Respond To Comments

Actively comments and responding to comments on your posts is not only good for your real estate photography; it's good for your social media presence.

Finally, there’s nothing wrong with responding to comments. When you look at the comment sections on Instagram, people are either:

  1. Taking a liking to your posts and want to learn more.
  2. Giving you feedback on how to improve your social media performance, OR
  3. They have questions or concerns about one or some of your posts. 

Engagement and communication are the keys that drive your businesses’ brand. The way you reply to a comment either establishes, or nurtures the relationship between yourself and the prospect or client. Commenting encourages possible future engagement from this person too! People want to talk to those, who will listen and further the conversation. Commenting (and replying) is just another version of this.

The Instagram algorithm prioritizes high-interaction posts (those that receive numerous likes and comments) as good-quality and engaging content people want on their feed. So, take the time to engage with people on the platform, because chances are, they could be interested in what house or property you have to sell.


When it comes to Instagram, it’s quality over quantity. So, remember: upload your best photos, post strategically, edit when needed, and be responsive to comments. As you follow these 8 tips, you’ll soon see people flocking to your Instagram and craving your real estate services. 

Disclaimer: This guest article was written by Kristin Herman. Kristin is a writer and editor at UK Writings and Academized. She is also a contributing writer for online publications, such as Boom essays. As a marketing writer, she blogs about the latest trends on social media marketing.

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