The real estate landscape has changed for women rapidly over the past 20 years. With the rise of technology, entry into the industry has never been easier. On the other hand, the way we advertise, communicate, and orchestrate deals, have all changed. Those who have embraced the shifts in real estate have thrived. Those who were stubborn quickly fell by the wayside. Many female agents and brokers, in particular, found ways to leverage the benefits of technology to become “influencers”. You might see them trending on social media or notice their names in articles. Why should women in real estate care about female real estate influencers?

One of the best ways to find success is to model the habits and behaviors of women who are already succeeding.

Whether you’re an aspiring broker, manager, or CEO of a large firm, mentorship can nurture your personal growth and career success. Women who have been where you are, who have faced and overcome the same obstacles, can give you valuable insights to guide you on your career path.

With that in mind, here are the top 10 female real estate influencers inspiring women to new heights in 2022.

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Top 10 Female Real Estate Influencers of 2022

1. Samantha DeBianchi

We’re starting our list off with one of the most impressive women in real estate. At the age of 32, Samantha has already founded two companies, became a TV personality on “Million Dollar Listing”, and has built a massive network of high-value clientele. Her firm, DeBianchi Real Estate, has become one of the most well-known in Florida, finding homes for wealthy investors, professional athletes, and celebrities alike.

Samantha has over 30K followers personally between her Instagram and Twitter accounts, providing insights into the life of a serial entrepreneur. She delivers powerful real estate insights but also shows her followers that it’s possible to mix in a little adventure into a busy work week.

2. Dottie Herman

Next up is one of “America’s Richest Self-Made Women” according to Forbes Magazine. Dottie is the CEO of Douglas Elliman Real Estate in New York City. Douglas Elliman is one of the most well-known brokerage firms in the world, with over $27 billion in annual sales with more than 7,000 agents working under the brand.

Impressive, right? Dottie doesn’t stop there. She is also a leader in philanthropy, supporting a long list of organizations that include hospitals, performing arts centers, and the American Heart Foundation. She even won the “Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Pioneer Award” for the work she completed with the United Nations. Dottie is the wonder-woman of real estate and should be followed closely by every realtor who is trying to expand their mindset.

3. Kala Laos

Kala Laos is the co-founder of the firm, JK Realty, which she runs with her husband, Jason. Kala may be having more fun than any brokerage owner out there. Her team is rebellious and adventurous, with a big emphasis on family. They have experienced incredible success and growth by putting a focus on positivity and a kid-friendly culture.

If you’re looking for a little motivation, you need to have some Kala Laos in your newsfeed.

4. Raluca Monet

Raluca Monet works with this little company you might have heard of called Google. If you are searching for an influencer that has her pulse on large-scale tech trends, watch for Raluca in the media. She is less active on social media than the rest of the real estate influencers on this list but has so much to offer as the real estate lead for Google Marketing.

Raluca constantly seeks out new strategies and avenues for real estate partners who have online ambitions. Additionally, Raluca is the CFO of the organization “Woman in Technology” and a professor at the Kogod School of Business. Her thoughts on the real estate market shift from her “attention to intention” TomX talk are profound and definitely worth 20 minutes of your time.

Watch Raluca Monet share some insights here on an episode of Tom Ferry:

5. Barbara Corcoran

Barbara Corcoran needs to be on your radar. Barbara is an absolute real estate powerhouse- and that might even be a bit of an understatement. She is best known for being one of the shark-investors on ABC’s Shark Tank.

Widely regarded as an extremely intelligent entrepreneur, Barbara built her real estate empire from a single $1,000 loan. Her past successes also include:

  • Selling her company, NRT Inc, for $66 million
  • Becoming the host of her own real estate show on CNBC
  • Author of multiple books

So…if you could only choose to follow a single female real estate influencer… you might want to pick the one who has Mark Cuban on speed dial.

6. Dolly Lenz

dolly lenz real estate influencer

Dolly Lenz. (PRNewsFoto/Delos LLC)

Dolly has built an absolute empire, selling more than $10 billion dollars in properties through her firm, “Dolly Lenz Real Estate”. She has been featured in almost every real estate publication out there. Dolly is also a CNBC contributor and always has valuable insights on the latest trends in real estate.

Online, Dolly places an emphasis on her family. Her daughter, Jenny Lenz, is following in her mother’s footsteps, already making waves in the market.

Follow Dolly and Jenny on social media for daily doses of wisdom, motivation, and billion-dollar mindsets.

7. Danielle Garofalo

Danielle is the Chief Business Development Officer of CORE Real Estate in New York City. What we love most about Danielle is her passion for technology. She is a self-proclaimed “proud geek”. Whenever you find a driven individual in real estate who knows how to properly use technology, you find success.

Danielle also takes home the award for the best Instagram feed on our list. She is more of a traditional influencer, sharing pictures of delicious desserts, blue skies, and spoiling her adorable nephew and niece with affection. Not only is she absolutely crushing it in real estate, but she’s also having fun while doing it!

danielle garofalo female real estate influencer page

Modeling your habits after Danielle could increase your real estate sales by as much as 10X! An additional side effect might be a new interest in the world of gourmet donuts…mmm, yes, please!

8. Caroline Pinal

Watching real estate magnates enjoy their private jets and holiday mansions can be entertaining but sometimes the most powerful influencers are those who are helping others.

Caroline is the leader of multiple charitable home building projects around the world. Most notably, she co-founded an organization called “GiveBack Homes”, which is shifting the real estate spotlight on social change. GiveBack Homes allows real estate professionals to help those in need. At the same time, they take their transaction of capital or time and turn that into a marketing asset for the realtor. Do good and grow your business…it’s a winning strategy.

Caroline thinks outside of the box, cultivating success, and helps others along the way.

9. Amy Youngren

Amy Youngren is quickly making a name for herself in Toronto, Canada. She is the founder of North Group Real Estate and the first Canadian partner of GiveBack Homes (Caroline Pinal’s organization). After receiving a prestigious Inman nomination as one of real estate’s most innovative teams, it’s clear that Amy is an influencer you should be following.

Amy understands where the future of real estate is headed, heavily investing in video advertising and social media. She’s a savvy marketing madame who brings style and confidence to her communication channels. If we had to guess, Amy is going to be one of the most entertaining real estate professionals on Instagram TV in the coming months. She’s a clear leader industry leader and only has room to grow.

10. Amy Bohutinsky

On this list of 10 female real estate influencers, last is definitely not least. Amy is the Board Director of the Zillow Group which is a collection of the world’s largest real estate and home-related brands. Zillow completely changed the real estate game and continues to innovate the industry every single day.

If you’re looking to hone your marketing skills and growth gets you excited, Amy is your influencer. In the first three days after Zillow’s launch, Amy helped obtain over 1 million visitors, followed up by over 5 million visitors in the first month. Amy breezes through PR and has a passion for the industry that is contagious.

Who are the next female real estate influencers?

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Editor’s note: An earlier version of this article reported that Danielle Garofalo has children. The error has been corrected, and we sincerely apologize for the misinformation.