The Parkbench Local Leader system would be invaluable to any real estate professional who wants to grow their business in a geographic location. However, certain personality traits are predominant in our agents. People we want to work with are professionals who…

Are community-minded: do you love your community and have it in mind to help your community now and in the future? Then we are a perfect fit for each other.

Laura & Aaron Shevlin on partnering with

  • Friendly: well, friendly is a broad way to put it but, we can work together if you generally mean well for the people around you.
  • Outgoing: do you love to go out and associate with people? Then this is a dream come through for you.
  • Likes meeting new people: prospecting is usually a problem for most people, but if you already thrive in that regard, then this will come naturally to you.
  • Wants to grow their real estate business in a specific geographic area: have you carved out a target area for yourself? Do you have a specific neighborhood you would like to farm? If your answer to this question is yes, then this initiative is for you.
  • Likes to give back to their community: are you a professional who feels blessed and wants to give back? What better way to give back to your community than set up a system that will improve the community economically, socially, and otherwise?
  • Wants to stand out from their competition: the factors that make one business stand out from the crowd in a highly competitive market like real estate are a unique proposition and plan of action. We meet those requirements and you can be sure to stand out when we work together.
  • Wants to work hard: right here and now, I want to make it clear that this is not a path to easy money. The kind of professionals we are interested in are those who are willing to commit 100% to improving their businesses.
  • Wants to build a business by relationships and referrals: Parkbench as a company was founded to help relationship and referral-based agents thrive. So if this fits your profile, quickly check if your area is claimed…we’ll be in touch!
  • Share our belief: our entire business structure is focused on rendering services. We emphasize giving first, so you can receive much more in the future. The people we want to work with are people who understand that and are willing to pay the price.


  1. New Agent: are you just venturing into real estate? Well, what better way to begin than the best and most innovative way? The hardest period in this business is the first few months and years. With our help, you will find that you will make much more progress than the average first-time agent.
  2. Struggling Agent: if you’re experiencing a tough phase in your business right now, then that could be an indication that your plan isn’t working. It is time for a new plan of action. If this is you, then the Parkbench Local Leader Initiative is for you.
  3. Agent who is getting back into the business: trust me, a lot has changed since the last time you were on the housing scene. Strategies that worked years ago can no longer be relied upon. The old-fashioned prospecting methods are now cliché and almost repulsive to prospects who can easily see throught them. You will need fresh ideas, and that’s what we offer.
  4. Teams: at Parkbench, we are a unique team with every member working to help each other. We are more like family than co-workers. We genuinely care for each other and are aching to work with other teams that are destined for the top. Do you and your team fit this profile? Then contact us.
  5. Small, Independent Brokerages: if you run a small brokerage, then chances are that you already have a geographical target in mind. We can help you farm that region. You may be interested in expanding your business to neighboring communities. We can help you with that, provided those other neighborhoods are not taken.

Arnold Hickey Sponsored His Parkbench Neighborhood Site and became a Local Leader and It Rejuvenated His Real Estate Career!