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monica h

“Instead of chasing leads and making notes in several different platforms and note pads I can now go to my platform that houses all the aspects of building a relationship-based real estate business. Here’s the value I offer to my local community:

  • News- I share local info pertinent to my community
  • Events- I share events I think my clients would be interested in
  • Deals- I allow my business owners to share their best incentives
  • Interviews- I make local business owners famous in my community
  • Local Directory- I can see and communicate with all the business owners in my community
  • Listings- I can publish, update and share my listings with my community ” – Thomas Watson, REALTOR® AT RE/MAX METRO REALTY AT CENTRAL
monica h

Deciding to partner with Parkbench is, and I am sure it will continue to be, a pivotal business decision for my real estate career. Thanks to their innovative approach to building a network, I have gone from 0 to 34 in a few months. I am meeting people in my community, becoming inspired by their stories and helping them to promote their businesses and events. Along the way, I am building business relationships and friendships. I know that helps me to provide better service for my clients and will propel my career forward.

The Parkbench team is committed to their clients’ success. Weekly interactive webinars are educational, fun and inspiring. Their coaches are personable, knowledgeable, share in my successes and guide me when needed. Their technical support team is responsive and effective. I truly feel like I am a part of the Parkbench team too!  – Sonia Montgomery, REALTOR® at Homesmart

monica h

I really enjoy Parkbench. It’s a great system for building relationships and community and adding value to local businesses. Plus, the website itself and staff is excellent! I look forward to my calls with the Parkbench staff! They are super helpful and tech savvy. They make me look good! I feel so on top of my game when I can recommend my community site to someone or refer a local business by sharing a link to one of my interviews. The interviews were a bit challenging to do at first, but once I got in my groove I was able to relax and have more fun. Now I am loving each interview, seeing these local businesses as referral partners, and really getting to know my neighbors! It’s such a positive thing for everyone!! And my real estate business is growing!! – Emily Wilson, REALTOR® AT PREMIER BROKERS INTERNATIONAL

monica h

“Thank you for such a great article. It is exactly what I needed to have something to “boost” on FB ads with a specifically chosen target audience. You are a God send. Thank you.”

AND, She and her husband are considering selling their house. She asked me to run comps today and to meet her at the end of the month to talk about listing.

SCORE!!! Just wanted to share:-). Next interview is scheduled for Friday morning. And I met the Mayor of Smyrna at a function last Saturday. She wants to meet with me next week:-)” – Jennifer Vannoy, Exit Realty Bob Lamb & Associates

monica h

” I wanted to let you know a cool park bench story. Maybe a year ago I had some work done on my car and I really liked the auto body shop and the owners there. Total customer service freaks like me! When I was there they mentioned maybe they’d like to talk to me about listing their house at some point and I said I’d follow up. I did, but I never heard anything back and just figured they weren’t ready. Later, when I joined Park Bench and was trying to think of businesses I wanted to promote, they came to mind because of their superior customer service. I contacted one of the owners, Janet, and she said it sounded great. I sent her a few of the questions so she could start preparing before our interview. Before the interview she messaged me back and asked if I could look at their house and prepare a market analysis for it. OF COURSE! That’s what this is all about right? So I have now looked at the house, prepared the market analysis and rescheduled their Park Bench interview twice. I thought you would want to know! Hopefully, we will actually get to the interview because I really would like to feature them because they’re a fantastic company! So thanks for your encouragement to reach out to business owners for the interview. I think it may have directly gotten me a listing!” – Beth Allen, JOHN L SCOTT REAL ESTATE

monica h

So far the parkbench.com experience has been a successful venture for our team! I cannot thank you enough for helping us through the process.I have always tried to stay in touch with my past clients but some times I come up short. The important face here is through social media they were able to find value in the content provided, moreover it allowed us to be top of mind as they were checking out the articles posted to the social media platforms. Next week I will be at their home to complete a market analysis and hopefully a listing agreement! I am enjoying the process as well as the website. Our team is just getting started with parkbench.com. We are excited to see how far we can grow and the opportunities that will present themselves through our efforts. Cam, you have been such a great asset! Thank you for being in our corner and eager to help us grow!  – Jeff Clark, RE/MAX REALTY GROUP, MARK DUDLEY TEAM

monica h

“Parkbench has opened a whole new way of doing marketing for me.  I call it “in the backdoor”.  People feel as if I am doing something for them (which I am), therefore, they want me around and like me.  I am actually cultivating relationships (primary intent) that could eventually bring me business.  I have personally met some of the most wonderful people and feel closer to my neighborhood than I ever expected.  By posting photos from the interviews and tagging businesses on Face Book I am spreading my visibility exponentially. I’ve had people ask ME, if they can pass out my card, and I’ve also handed out coupons at my open houses to the delight of both the recipients and business owners. Park Bench has made marketing my business the BEST part of my business in real estate.” – Monica Holtzhauer, One Realty Group 

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Cheryl anton

“I love talking to people, getting to know them and doing anything I can to help them succeed or solve a problem they may have. That’s just my nature.

While interviewing (chatting) with my local business owners and leaders, I’ve learned so much about them, why they’re doing what they’re doing and it’s been a great experience so far. It will be even better when Doylestown learns that they have this great website to access news, events, deals, and learn about their local business owners. It creates a connection that I can’t explain, but it makes me want to patronize these people even more, now that I’ve gotten to know them.

I’m looking forward to Parkbench being a household name in my great community of Doylestown!” – Cheryl Anton, Keller Williams

Keith Kurlander

If you’re looking to expand into social media this is a very powerful tool that is limited by your imagination. It’s a very good way to get new leads and to keep your database engaged. It does take work to curate it the way you want and to procure interviews but I think it’s totally worth it.

It’s like being given a Ferrari that you need to learn how to drive. These can be spread throughout social media and when one of the interviewees has an event, you can put another little blog together, including the interview and when people click on the event they also see you. It’s a way to build your digital footprint. – Keith Kurlander PLG Estates

Marie W

“I have been involved with Parkbench since October 2016. I was looking for a new marketing idea for my business. When I came across Parkbench I reached out to them and after learning all about it, I knew this was the platform I was looking for. I have no regrets. When I joined I had no idea about the support I would receive. The support staff is amazing. I can’t say enough about them. I don’t think I’ve ever received support like this from any venture I’ve done. And they really take the time to coach you so that when you go out to meet with the business owners you are prepared to become successful. If you are a people person and like the idea of going into businesses and building relationships with other local business owners to help them build their businesses and become the go-to Realtor in your area. I highly recommend Parkbench.”  – Marie Wallace Keller, Williams Realty

Doug Mackenzie

“I have had nothing but positive experiences with Parkbench. I joined over 14 months ago and the staff from CEO to newest have been truly exceptional. They willingly listen to suggestions for improvement and actively ask for suggestions. I can’t imagine how great Parkbench will be by continuing on its current trajectory.” – Doug Mackenzie Century 21 Miller Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage

Jennifer Berthelette

“Parkbench.com has allowed me to meet the best of my neighbourhood’s business owners and residents!  I used it as a tool to push myself to meet and greet with my area’s restaurant and cafe shop owners, interesting boutique shop owners and everyone in between.  It gave me a reason to put myself “in front” of them instead of just blindly marketing to everyone.  
I have not only gained more hands-on knowledge of my area base, but it has introduced me to them as well.  It is a complete win-win.  The Parkbench team is fantastic to deal with from troubleshooting to getting great ideas from.  You definitely get what you put into it, so go for it!” – Jennifer Berthelette, Cornerstone Properties Inc.

Erica Browning Picture

I am so excited about this program..I already have some great things happening!

First of all, I told my broker about it and he was so impressed that he agreed to a higher commission split on contract closings that were generated from Parkbench.  If I sell just one home per year that will cover my cost!

Second, I had lunch with a dear friend today and told her all about it.  She has lived in the community since the early 70’s and knows absolutely everyone.  She called the restaurant manager over and I told him about it and he wants an interview early next week.  His shop is the most well-known business in Duncanville!
Thanks again” – Erika Browning, TRT Realty

Paul Vallis Picture

“I just wanted to let you know that I got a buyer last week.  This young couple that lives in the west end wants to move to the Danforth area.  They searched for a Danforth Realtor and my name came up first because of Parkbench. They are preapproved for their financing and want to find a house ASAP.  They are looking for a property in the $800,000 dollar range.  So good!

Thanks for getting me up there in the Google search results.

Cheers!”  – Paul Vallis, Zolo Realty

Paul Vallis Picture

“As a newer real estate agent in my area, I was looking for a unique way to gain broad exposure as well as offer something of value to the community in which I live and work. There are many highly successful agents here so I needed to be different. Parkbench.com has answered that call and more! I’m very impressed with the responsiveness from the staff and their genuine interest in my success. Parkbench.com continues to evolve and each time it just gets better. I believe they will be on the cutting edge for quite some time and I am happy to be riding that wave with them.” – Nancy Pflug, Edina Realty, Inc

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