5 Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Real Estate Domain Name

Your real estate domain name plays a crucial role in the overall branding strategy of your business. Choosing a domain name is not something that you should take for granted because it can have wider implications on your entire business. Today we are going to share some tips that you should keep in mind when choosing your real estate business domain name. Domain Names Do Not Account For SEO (Sort Of) Yes, as of 2017 domain names do not hold any significant power in determining the rank of your website for a particular keyword. So, why did we use...

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Why Face To Face Marketing Still Works Best For Real Estate

What do you think the number one reason consumers buy one product over another is? They buy a product or a service because it elicits an emotional response and it holds true even for real estate. Whether through branding and storytelling, relationship to the product and what that product stands for, familiarity, or simply that the product gets them excited about something. Products and businesses succeed because they allow their customers to feel something. An emotional response, along with trust, is the key to turning prospective clients into clients, and then clients into long-term clients, and then long-term clients...

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5 Tips For Hosting A Successful Webinar To Get Buyers & Seller

Real Estate webinars are one of the easiest and most effective mediums to talk to a large audience. Real estate agents have conducted seminars for buyers and sellers for a very long time. The reason they work is because putting on events where you get to demonstrate your local market knowledge and real estate expertise to a large audience helps to acquire new clients. However, in 2017, seminars are quickly becoming obsolete, while webinars are becoming the replacement. The reason? People want to consume content on their smartphones, tablet and laptops from the comfort of their home. And you shouldn’t...

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How To Generate High Quality Buyer Leads Using Facebook Ads

A lot of real estate agents and brokers go after first-time homebuyers as opposed to getting a listing appointment. We understand while working with buyers may not be an agent’s first choice, it’s something you have to do in order to get your real estate business rolling. The good news is that generating buyer leads using the power of internet marketing is a lot easier compared to seller leads. Every agent in your area is probably going after home sellers. This causes the cost per click for home selling keywords to go up significantly. On the flip side, not...

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5 Ways & Why Real Estate Agents Should Generate More Backlinks To Their Website

In general, the more backlinks you have to any/all pages on your website, the better your content will rank for various search terms. However, the backlinking game is a little different for real estate professionals. Normally, if you’re starting a new blog, you would take these actions to boost your search engine ranking: Post links of your blog post on your social media Generate more backlinks to your new blog Keep a consitent pace of posting new content on your blog And this approach WILL work for you if you do it over and over and over again. However, if...

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