How To Create A Real Estate Marketing Budget For 2017 + [Free Template]

Having a marketing budget for your real estate business is key in 2017. Not only will it help you keep track of your expenses but you can also track which marketing channels are performing better than the rest. Start with your overall budget for the year and break down what percentage you want it to spend online vs offline. We created a marketing budget template designed for real estate agents to track and analyze your spending throughout the year. [Download] 2017 Marketing Budget Template Quick Note: There are two graphs attached with the excel template which might not plot...

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30 Things To Do In 30 Days To Land Your Next Real Estate Client

Attention all real estate professionals who are looking to: Build their brand Expand their sphere of influence & database Get more clients and referrals We crafted a checklist of 30 things that we recommend you implement immediately to score your next client! In fact, there are even sub checklists inside the 30 tips, so there is going to be a strategy for how to extra this extremely practical knowledge and apply it to your business. Here’s our recommendation for how to use this article effectively: Print it out and check off the tasks once you’ve completed them. Or, transfer...

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5 Facebook Ad Tips For Real Estate Agents In 2017

In 2017 Facebook Ads is going to be one of the leading sources of lead generation for real estate agents. 3 main reasons why? Attention: Everyone, of all ages, is on Facebook…a lot. When people want to buy or sell a home, they go on facebook and talk to their friends about it. Targeting: Facebook Ads allow you to target people based on their demographics, household income and most importantly their intent to buy or sell their home. ROI: Facebook is relatively new compared to other advertising channels, therefore, in order to secure the masses, the cost to advertise,...

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YouTube Video Marketing Guide For REALTORS®

Video marketing for real estate isn’t some short-term fad or trend that’s going to disappear in due time. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Video is very much a significant part of the future of marketing for real estate agents and brokers, as it has proven (and continues to prove) to help industry pros’ lead generation, nurturing, and conversion abilities — and it all begins and ends with a single, powerful video marketing medium: YouTube. How to Start Your Real Estate YouTube Video Marketing Strategy Today First and foremost, to get going with your video efforts on YouTube, you need...

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Beginner’s Guide To Content Marketing For REALTORS®

As a 21-century real estate agent, content marketing is something you can no longer ignore if you are planning to be successful. We understand that you have to deal with nurturing existing prospects, prepare for listing presentations, and everything in between. Why You Need a Comprehensive Real Estate Content Marketing Strategy While the notion of “content marketing” (if not the actual term itself) was invented quite a long time ago, it’s still a relatively new concept in the Age of the Internet, including for some agents and brokers. Having said that, a considerable portion of the roughly 2 million...

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