Local Leader® Mastery FOR REAL ESTATE AGENTS


My name is Grant Findlay-Shirras and I have helped thousands of real estate agents become the Local Leader® of their neighborhood with a system that I created and coined “The Prospect Interview System”. This is a guaranteed system to meet and get to know anyone you want and turn them into clients and referrals in your local area. I teach this system in my online course Local Leader Mastery.
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Who Should Join Local Leader® Mastery?

  • You are tired of wasting time and money chasing online leads
  • You want to build a sustainable real estate business based on referrals
  •  You are a new agent and don’t know where your next deal is coming from
  • You are a busy agent and you want to build a team
  • You are a brokerage looking for a prospecting tool for your agents to get out of the office and actively prospect

Who Am I?

If you are visiting my website for the first time, it’s natural to think about why you should listen to me and take my online course. Well, I am the co-founder and CEO of Parkbench.com, an online neighborhood platform that helps real estate agents dominate their local area. I have helped thousands of real estate professionals stand out from their competition and become the Local Leader® of their community. For the first time ever, I am giving away the secrets that top producing agents are using with my Local Leader® Mastery Course. 

What do you get when you join local leader mastery?

Lifetime access to course materials, masterminds and exclusive training sessions. The Local Leader® Mastery course is like your personal Netflix to elevate your marketing and take your business to the next level.

10+ Hours Of Exclusive Content

The course goes over 10+ hours of content with lots of checklists and blueprints. The course is designed so that you can follow the step by step videos to become the Local Leader® of your community.


You get access to our exclusive live masterminds. Every mastermind will be stored in a dedicated module and you can access them anytime you want. These masterminds also come with live Q&A sessions so that you can ask your dedicated real estate questions straight to me.


When you join the Local Leader® marketing mastery course, you get lifetime access to all our content. I am constantly adding new content to the course every single month. So it’s like your Netflix for real estate marketing.


Here’s what real estate professionals across North America have to say about my course for community-minded real estate professionals.

Thanks to their innovative approach to building a network, I have gone from 0 to 34 in a few months.  I am meeting people in my community, becoming inspired by their stories and helping them to promote their businesses and events.  Along the way, I am building business relationships and friendships. I know that helps me to provide better service for my clients and will propel my career forward. Sonia Montgomery

REALTOR®, HomeSmart

We’ve done over 75 successful (prospect) interviews in the last year.  These interviews have helped us build several new relationships, reconnecting with local professionals and give back to small businesses in our marketplace.  Toril Schoepfer

REALTOR®, Toril Sells Houses Team

Grant really helped me come up with solutions to help me think differently. To help me understand that what I was offering was to help bring awareness to local companies, the importance of shopping local, which helps our local economy, which helps the local housing market, which helps us all. We Discussed my goals, both personally and professionally, and came up with real solutions to achieve those goals. He was very encouraging and helped me encourage myself from within, which is what I need. I was able to set up and own my time blocking schedule for the first time, which really helped give me direction. Sherry Layton

REALTOR®, Parker Properties Real Estate


Do you run out of prospects in your pipeline? The Local Leader® Mastery online course teaches you a step by step system that you can follow to have a constant stream of new clients in your local farm area. I have personally used these techniques to create a multi-million dollar business for myself and now, I am sharing them with you in my step by step course.

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